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Right Key Realty LLC

A Real Estate Investment Company

Welcome to Right Key Realty LLC, a Real Estate Investment Company with the sole purpose of creating investment opportunities and affordable properties for all. Built upon a strong financial foundation, we are highly regarded throughout the AL area for our unwavering commitment to quality, as well as our creative use of acquiring properties through Tax sale to help keep costs low for investors/purchasers.  Get in touch today to find out more about our company’s newest investment properties.


Reaching New Heights

About Right Key Realty

Founded in 2018, Right Key Realty LLC has served the AL area’s growing need for investment land/houses. We help make investing easy. Right Key Realty offer houses and land for all needs and budgets. Our professional team works closely with both investors and landowners in order to come up with results that exceed expectations. We are here to help and assist with the important steps needed after investing in tax re-lated property sales. A legal team in house ready for all situations! 

Whatever you’re looking for, Right Key Realty LLC has the experience and the ability to deliver outstanding results. Browse the rest of our site for more information about the services we provide and to browse all our available properties. If you’re interested in working with our Real Estate Company on your next purchase or investment, Don't hesitate! Contact us today.

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On a Video Call


Due to Covid-19 & Out-of-State Investors

Right Key Realty, LLC is pleased to announce that we offer Virtual Closings. During the live closing we will discuss any questions you may have and go over the Purchase Contract. (Live is optional) Documents will be signed via DocuSign and notarized online. Paperwork will be filed at the COURTHOUSE (Probate Office) recorded/assessed in your name/company's name by one of our Realtors. Once this is complete, you will then receive the transferred and official Documents from the State to the mailing address you've provided on paperwork. This can all take place without you leaving your home/traveling/or fear of virus. Payments will be made via Quickbooks by company invoice which serves as your receipt of purchase with us. We pride ourselves on posting up to date photos/videos of all of our properties so you will see the current condition of the exterior. This is our preferred method and offers will be accepted with virtual closings first before in-house closings due to having to set a time/date. Virtual closings also expedite the closing process and time while social distancing!
-Questions Click Start Here and leave us an email.


Available Properties

Tax Certificate Sales


These are properties acquired by our company through TAX sale. Properties have a slight chance of redemption however the State backs your investment. The prior owner has to pay all permanent preservation costs, back taxes and 8-12% per year. Small Risk but great opportunity.

Tax Land Sales


Right Key Realty LLC searches high and low for the best land. Land is a great investment to have and the possibilities are endless! We have a team ready to instruct you on how to claim possession and zoning references.

Tax Deed Sales


If you’re looking for a property without the chance of redemption from the previous owner these properties are it! You will receive the Tax deed via Quit claim to the property upon purchase.


Please Read!

Hold Property

Check out this new feature! You can now HOLD and submit $1 on the website under Pay Deposit tab! This will prompt a hold for that property for 24 hours. During this time you will be in communication with our representative going over details. Secure and convenient. 

This helps us to cut out the NON-SERIOUS buyers/inquiries.


All photos posted are current with date listed. Right Key Realty does not provide inside photos of the homes. You must do your own due diligence on these discounted properties. If home is occupied please do not disturb tenants! Enter/view at your own leisure.

Customer Service Representatives

Here at Right Key Realty we do not have Realtors/Sales Agents. Properties are discounted and not your traditional home sales. We do NOT schedule viewings. Must view on your own at anytime that you may choose.

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What We Offer

Right Key Realty LLC is a full-service Real Estate Company based in the AL area. We buy/sell tax properties and for sale by owner homes. In the near future RKR will offer renovated properties and rentals by our company. We believe that the best and most successful INVESTMENTS are created with masterful planning and a comprehensive approach to which tax properties are profitable. Right Key Realty LLC offers excellent affordable properties and first-rate services. Contact us today!


Investment Services

Efficient. Reliable. Effective

These services are offered by Right Key Realty in order to protect your investment. We are highly trained and skilled with the proper techniques and legal actions needed of a tax sale property. No need to worry!

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Rental Properties


Stay tuned for a full list of great rentals!

We’re Right Key Realty LLC, and we’re ready to help you on your next purchase.



Flexible payment plans are offered on eligible properties. 50% deposit is required for payment plans. Remaining balance must be paid in full within 8 weeks from signing date. Weekly/Bi-weekly and balloon payment of the balance are payment options. See a property you love or at a great deal?...snatch it now! Deposit secures the first closing and sale. 

***If we accepted an offer that was  NOT the asking price then the payment does not qualify for our payment plan.


Satisfied Clients Highlights


Right Key Realty LLC is a full-service Real Estate investment company based in the AL area. We believe that the best and most successful transactions are created with masterful planning and a comprehensive approach to buying process. Whether its Tax properties or Traditional home sale/rentals, Right Key Realty LLC offers excellent first-rate services. Contact us today for your next investment.


Investment Home

Our clients felt welcomed and comfortable with the entire closing process on their first investment property. In-house translation to simple and easy closing. We left with another satisfied client and with even bigger smiles because of the awesome deal!


First Investment House

Our client went from no investment properties to being an instant landlord! He was very pleased with the extensive knowledge provided about the process and left feeling excited about his new investment home!

We’re Right Key Realty LLC, and we’re ready to help you on your next property.


Get to Know Our Clients

Building Wealth One Property at a Time


Edward G.

Investment Property

Thanks for trusting Right Key Realty with the Closing on your Duplex! Rehab underway.


Octavio M.

Clear Deed Property

Congratulations on your new DEED Property. Fast and simple Closing. We devote our time from start to finish to ensure that this process is smooth and simple as possible! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT KEY!


First Investment

Thanks to our client for trusting us with her first "flip" property! Excited to see the transformation. We were delighted to work with you on making your dream come true! -Right Key Realty, LLC


Investment Property

Thanks for trusting Right Key Realty in helping you both find the perfect investment property! SOLD & SEALED DEAL


Past Testimonials

Clients Love Us

The process was so simple and easy! I signed for my first investment property with them because I've known one of the owners for a long time and she was very through/knowledgeable. I signed for everything virtually! I'm looking forward to more deals.

-Erica Davis

I used a land purchase to get financing for an apartment building I wanted to invest in! Now I use the rental income to cover the loan and now I have two properties all purchased from Right Key Realty!

-David Turner

I hired them to help manage a tax lien property I purchased from their company. I did not have to worry about dealing with the previous owners... they handled it for me while I collected the check. No regrets!

-Maria Funuel


Quiet Title

What is Quiet Title and how does it relate to Tax sale properties?

When dealing with property ownership, parties need to remember that the title is a key component of selling property. If you have purchased property as part of a tax deed sale, you need to make sure that you have a marketable title, especially if you want to resell that property. You can obtain marketable title to the property by initiating a quiet title action. A quiet title action seeks to permanently bar creditors, lien holders, mortgage holders, and prior owners from exercising their interest in the property. Typically, that process begins by conducting a title search of the property. A title search will show you all of the different entities that may have an interest in that property. It is important to remember that not all liens can be eliminated through a quiet title action, but it is a necessary step to clarify any lingering issues regarding the title to the property in question. Liens superior to the quiet title action will need to be satisfied and the court will need to rule in your favor before you can obtain marketable title.


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