Paying Deposit

Paying your Deposit is the first step to securing your new investment and to start the closing process.

Right Key Realty LLC is now accepting deposits for select properties online. If you see a property and would like to HOLD it & pay the deposit we have a simple 1-2-3 process for this. 

STEP 1: Click on "PAY NOW" at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 2: Pay the $1 Request fee

STEP 3: You will be prompted to input your information and be sure to use the email address you would like your invoice sent to

STEP 4: A Representative will send you an invoice for deposit amount in 1-3 hours. 

***Have questions? Click on the Gold circle that says "Let's Chat" 

STEP 5: The invoice will include all the details of the transaction and closing procedures if you wish to proceed on the sale. You have 24hrs to pay invoice or it'll be cancelled and property will be re-listed.