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Tax Certificate Sales

These are properties acquired by our company through Tax Sale or State Inventory. Properties have a slight chance of redemption however the State backs your investment. The prior owner has to pay all permanent preservation costs, back taxes and 8% per year depending on the sale date to the state.  Right Key Realty's Company fees/Closing costs are not included in that refund. Small Risk but great opportunity.

You must do your due diligence before signing. All properties are self-show and Sold As-is. Our company prides ourself on going the extra mile before listing any property. We do valuate all properties and can disclose occupancy, we often do yard maintenance and check for other special details before listing. We carefully select our properties and rather sale quality over quantity. 

How does it work??

1. Choose to close on the subject property at our office or virtually using Docu-sign. Virtual notary provided. Our company will prepare all the documents and contracts for the closing, proof of payment on your behalf. Depending on the property and status of courthouse we can transfer next day or closing can take up to 30-45 days. 

2. If the property is legally deemed vacant or abandoned, according to ALABAMA law you can take immediate possession and this may vary depending on if the tax sale was a on-line lien auction sale (You can hire our company to assist you in all the legal steps to take possession rightfully) 

If the property is occupied we offer services to help you legally evict or give you all your other options as you are the new owner. 

These are not traditional sales/closings. You will not be shown the property before purchase nor will you get a key, you are responsible for changing all locks if vacant. Please read up on and stay abreast of the constantly changing laws regarding tax sale properties. We are not obligated to help you after purchase unless hired to do so. Consult with a Real Estate attorney if you still have any questions.